WWE 2018: Will Nia Jax Turn Heel At Money in the Bank?

The upcoming Money in the Bank match between challenger Ronda Rousey and RAW Woman’s Champion Nia Jax has led many to speculate whether WWE has written themselves into a corner. Experts are claiming that this is not the match that WWE should have booked this early in Rousey’s wrestling career, especially if she were to win, while others have pointed out that stripping Jax of her title this soon would do a disservice to her popular reign.

Furthermore, both women are popular draws for the WWE, with Rousey being touted as “The Baddest Woman on the Planet” according to Daily DDT. Her notoriety in the mainstream, with movie roles in Furious 7 and the upcoming Mark Wahlberg thriller Mile 22, as well as her storied UFC career, has made her transition to the WWE a relatively smooth one. Money in the Bank will be Rousey’s first singles match in the WWE, and the fact that its a title match says a lot about the company’s confidence in her star power.

Jax, a former plus-size model who won the Woman’s Championship at WrestleMania 34, has been praised for promoting a message to fans about accepting themselves and being comfortable in their own skin. She is currently the WWE’s most inspirational female wrestler. It’s unclear how the company plans on handling the Money in the Bank match without undermining either Rousey or Jax’s reputation in the process.

One possible solution, and a rumor that has been making the rounds over the past few weeks, is that Jax will turn heel again at Money in the Bank.

As reported by The Sportster, the WWE might turn Jax heel by aligning her with Stephanie McMahon and clearing the way for Rousey to become the new Woman’s Champion. The history between McMahon and Rousey has already been well established, with the wrestlers squaring off at WrestleMania 34 and McMahon suffering an attack at the hands of Rousey during an episode of RAW weeks later. By lumping Jax in with McMahon, it would play into the long-standing rumor that the latter is planning revenge against Rousey.

Having Jax turn heel may seem hasty, given that she only recently transitioned to being a babyface, and her image as a positive role model for body size and anti-bullying has been well-received by fans. That said, it may be the WWE’s best option. Rousey’s draw as one of the biggest names in wrestling is undeniable, and it would be a stretch to try and get fans to cheer for Jax over the former UFC champion.

Plus, as we’ve seen in the past with Roman Reigns (who is actually Jax’s cousin), giving fans a babyface without an easily identifiable villain can sometimes lead to backlash. Reigns has always suffered by having to share the ring with favorites like John Cena, AJ Styles, and the Undertaker, and has developed a polarizing reputation as a result. WWE would be wise to avoid a similar situation with Rousey, and having Jax assume the role of the villain could go a long way in guaranteeing that.

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The Inquisitr adds that Jax’s rumored heel turn is meant to help Stephanie McMahon become a “bigger mainstream star”, given her real-life company executive. McMahon’s father Vince, reportedly prefers booking Jax as a heel anyway, as her large size was initially meant to intimidate the other women on the WWE roster.

Combined with SportSkeeda’s report that the RAW Women’s Championship match between Jax and Rousey will see an ending where the latter is cheated out of a win, and it seems all but certain that Jax will revert to her heel ways before Money in the Bank is over.

Source: Heavy Sports