Why Does Neymar Want to Leave Paris?

Is Neymar set to become the world’s most expensive soccer player again? Rumors that Brazi’s superstar striker is going to move to Real Madrid began almost as soon as he left Barcelona. A move to Madrid from Barcelona would have been unlikely thanks to the heated rivalry between both clubs. During the summer of 2017, Neymar decided to try and step out of Lionel Messi’s shadow at Barcelona by moving to Paris St. Germain for a fee of $260 million.

He’s the Most Fouled Player in France

There are multiple reasons that Neymar is believed to want out of France. In March 2018, Brazil’s UOL Esporte reported that Neymar was being fouled more times than any other player in the French league. His transfer fee put a target on his back, the tabloid asserted. During his time in Spain, Neymar was fouled an average of 3.5 times per game, in France, that number is up to 5.2.

Spanish sports newspaper AS pointed to a specific incident that demonstrated his frustration during a game with Rennes. When Rennes’ Hamari Traore fell to the ground, Neymar offered to help him up but then withdrew his hand at the last moment while grinning. Neymar was quoted by AS as saying after the game, “They kick and I play football. They provoke, but I also know how to provoke in my own way, with the ball. I’m not used to kicking players, I don’t know how to do it. I defend myself with the ball. I know they’re going to say that I can be a good player, but I provoke too much. I know that’s what they’ll say, but they should look at what they do themselves.”

He Wants to Play in a More Competitive League

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Spanish soccer expert Guillem Balague told Sky Sports in March 2018 that Neymar want to play in a more competitive league. Paris St. Germain has been dominant in France since the 2011 takeover of the team by Qatari Sports Investments. That takeover gives PSG massive financial clout over the rest of the league. Balague said in an interview with Sky, “We’re going to hear in the next few months, even next season, indicating Neymar wants to leave PSG, from different angles. I believe it comes from the same source – his entourage. I think he’s realized PSG isn’t the place for him, I think he wants to look for a more competitive place to play.”

Balague continued saying, “AS has today said €400m will be the amount quoted to Real if PSG are open to sell – the problem is, they are not open to sell right now anyway. When those figures come up, though, it does mean someone does want to do something about it, and I believe Neymar has realized he is not in the right place to take him to the next level. Madrid want him, of course, he wants to go, but PSG don’t want to let him go. That’s the gist of it.”

Source: Heavy Sports