WATCH Tyson Fury Get Knocked Down By A Titanic Punch From Deontay Wilder, But Amazingly Gets Up And Finishes The Fight

Tyson Fury deserved to win the WBC heavyweight championship on Saturday night, but he had to settle for a controversial split draw. He didn’t just outbox Wilder for nine of the 12 rounds of the fight, he somehow got up from the devastating punch he ate from the champion in the final round.

Fury didn’t just get up, he finished the bout taunting Wilder and landing punches of his own. Wilder had dropped Fury in the ninth round as well, but the latter still masterfully outboxed his opponent in almost every round.

Still, somehow, one judge actually scored the fight for Wilder and another one had it as a draw. Both of them were dead wrong. Fury deserved to win the fight and most in the boxing community seemed to feel the same way:

It was a great fight overall, but it was somewhat ruined by poor judging.

Source: Heavy Sports