WATCH: Tristan Thompson Tries to Fight Draymond Green

Game 1 gave us one of the more bizarre endings to an NBA finals game we have seen. With the game clearly out of reach, Tristan Thompson was ejected from the game. It is not clear exactly what Thompson did to warrant an ejection based on the replays. The most likely reason was officials felt Thompson undercut Shaun Livingston’s legs.

In typical Draymond Green fashion, Green approached Thompson on his way to exit the court. Thompson responded by shoving the ball and his hand into Green’s face. From there, members of the Cavs and Warriors pushed each other, but nothing serious resulted. Thompson pointed to the locker room, and yelled at Green on the way out likely signaling for the Warriors big man to meet him in the back after the game.

It will be worth watching whether the NBA takes disciplinary action against Thompson.

Source: Heavy Sports