WATCH: This Video of Kyrie Irving and a Boston Children’s Hospital Patient is Adorable

Kyrie Irving and the Celtics (including head coach Brad Stevens) visited Boston Children’s Hospital yesterday spreading some holiday cheer, and it was beyond adorable.

In a video that may be the peak of the visit (though it’s hard to say, it seems like the visit went well all around), Kyrie Irving is seen getting roasted by a young Celtics fan who is a patient at the hospital.

In the video, the young boy is quizzing Kyrie on college hoops trivia and roasting him about being a former Duke player.

The “argument” is super cute, and Irving plays along sweetly as the kid refuses to hold back with his knowledge of sports trivia. It’s seriously heartwarming.

Kyrie Also Gave a One of a Kind Pair of Shoes to Another Patient

It’ll be tough for a team to one-up this Celtics’ visit (not that it matters, or that anyone should have that goal in mind) because the joy that they were able to spread went way beyond just the adorable argument in that one hospital room.

In another video, Kyrie gives a one-of-a-kind pair of Kyrie’s. The young boy’s name is Demetres, and he seems speechless at the gift in the video. It’s so special to see these NBA players doing good and making the day of a kid who might be down on his luck.

Kyrie also led the team in a beautiful rendition of “Jingle Bells” (where, look for it, Gordon Hayward looks uncannily like Woody from “Toy Story” in his cowboy hat), and the whole team looks absolutely joyful.

Kyrie loves to sing, and has a really good voice. He sang on a song for his movie “Uncle Drew”. You can check it out here.

Good on the Celtics for going out and making a difference in their community this holiday season.

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Source: Heavy Sports