WATCH: Kyler Murray & Sam Ehlinger Verbal Fight After 1st OU-Texas Game

There is no love lost between Sam Ehlinger and Kyler Murray. The above video shows Ehlinger and Murray exchanging words after Texas’ victory over Oklahoma in their initial meeting this season. 247 Sports detailed the exchange between the two quarterbacks.

KEYE released a portion of the on-field exchange, as seen in the above video. 247Sports has watched the full KEYE video, which shows Ehlinger explaining himself to Murray that all he was trying to tell is was good game. While it is difficult to hear all of the exchange in the video, one part at the end was very clearly stated. After Murray denied Ehlinger’s attempts to explain himself, the Longhorns’ quarterback had a few words for his competitor: “Take the L.”

Click here to view KEYE’s clip of additional footage which starts at the 1:10 mark. Murray and Ehlinger were mostly quiet about the exchange when they were asked about it during the leadup to the Big 12 title game.

Ehlinger noted he did not remember what he said to Murray after the game only generally saying he was telling the Oklahoma quarterback “great game.”

“Oh, I went up to him and congratulate him on a great game. That was all,” Ehlinger told Austin American-Statesman. “I respect his game and that was it…Ah, I can’t really remember…I don’t remember what I said.”

When asked whether Murray respected Ehlinger’s game, Murray declined to comment. This prompted Ehlinger to tweet “OK cool. Hook em!”

“I’d absolutely love to comment on that [respecting Murray’s game],” Ehlinger explained to the Austin American-Statesman. “I absolutely respect his game.”

When asked about the exchange, Texas defensive end Charles Omenihu had strong words about the rival quarterback.

“I guess ol’ boy don’t like losing,” Omenihu told the Houston Chronicle. “His comment yesterday, I’m not surprised that he said that. If you know him or you know how he is, it’s not surprising. To be honest with you, I really don’t care. It’s funny to me, actually. I saw it and started laughing. ”

Source: Heavy Sports