WATCH: Kareem Hunt Kicks Abigail Ottinger While She’s on the Ground.

Kareem Hunt can be seen kicking a 19-year-old woman while she’s on the floor of a Cleveland hotel in February 2018. Hunt has played every game for the Kansas City Chiefs so far this season. The video, which was first obtained by TMZ, was uploaded on November 30. It shows Hunt and the woman arguing at around 3 a.m. inside of the Metropolitan Hotel. Hunt can be seen shoving the woman, but when she hits him back, he shoves his friend into her. After that, as the woman crouches on the floor, Hunt kicks her.

The woman had earlier been named as Abigail Ottinger. The incident occurred at the downtown hotel on February 10, reported, at the time. Abigail Ottinger, 19, told officers that Hunt “shoved and pushed” outside of what calls Hunt’s “hotel apartment.” Although another woman who was with the party, says that Ottinger assaulted her. The website says that there were two police reports, one says Ottinger is a victim, another has her as the aggressor. No arrests have been made in the case. The website also said at the time that Ottinger was a Kent State University who says she was on a party bus with a friend, Hunt and his entourage. At the end of the night, Ottinger went back to Hunt’s hotel.

TMZ reported in February 2018 that Ottinger was asked to leave the hotel by another man in Hunt’s party. After refusing to leave, the gossip site says that Ottinger “began calling him and Hunt the N-word and specifically she stated, “F*** you n*****. You ain’t s***.” That report also says that Ottinger punched one of Hunt’s female friends who had been trying to cool down the altercation. The TMZ report includes Ottinger’s account which says that she was asked to leave the party because she didn’t want to hook-up with one of Hunt’s friends. Ottinger says she couldn’t afford to get home to Kent State so she sat outside the hotel. That’s when Hunt came outside and “shoved and pushed” her in an attempt to get her to leave.

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Source: Heavy Sports