WATCH: JaVale McGee Shows Off Ridiculous Three-Point Consistency

JaVale McGee is known for quite a few things, both positive and negative. The 7-foot big man is arguably one of the most athletic players his size in the NBA, but he’s also a consistent focus of’s Shaqtin’ a Fool show.

One thing McGee has never been known for during his 10-year NBA career is his ability to shoot three-pointers. But apparently that all changed when McGee joined the Los Angeles Lakers in NBA free agency this offseason.

In a video posted by Ball is Life, McGee didn’t just show off range by knocking down shots behind the arc, he did it consistently and even made a few step-back jumpers.

To be clear, this isn’t just some “oh wow, that’s cool” moment. We’re talking about a player who has attempted 15 three-point attempts in his entire career … and made just one. That means McGee is shooting 0.67 percent from behind the arc over the span of 558 games.

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Source: Heavy Sports