WATCH: Fight Breaks out in the Stands at Rams vs. Vikings Game

Thursday nights NFL game was highly entertaining for a change. Usually, the Thursday night games on primetime turn out to be highly disappointing since players have been preparing for a short period of time that week. One week of recovery turns into four days. But this week’s game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Minnesota Vikings had a ton of upside with the lack of injuries, and the non-stop scoring.

For some fans though, the action in the game was not enough. Per usual, you can find football fans that are sitting way up in the stands getting into some side action of their own. Thursday nights game was no different as fans of the Rams and Vikings got physical after an altercation went down. Thanks to the digital era, TMZ Sports was able to obtain the video.

Although it is unclear on what exactly led to the fight. But as you can see, the male in the Rams jersey was caught on video laying hands on a female in a Vikings jersey. That set the bystanders off as you can hear them encouraging those involved to do something.

Here’s the Video:

Source: Heavy Sports