WATCH: Blake Griffin Hits a Triple-Spin Move, Drains the Bucket

The Detroit Pistons are going to work in a tight battle against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday Night. Per usual, Detroit Power Forward, Blake Griffin is putting in work on the floor. Just another night for Griffin, as he is churning out over 30 minutes, and on pace for well over 20 points against the Magic on the road.

The 2018 Detroit Pistons have been incredibly average and definitely did not exceed anybody’s expectations this year. But at least Blake Griffin has been a lone star at times. The 29-year-old veteran still has it, and that’s evident.

As he’s been performing at a high-level consistency, Griffin is doing all that he can do to get the job done against the magic. Even if it means he has to hit the spin move once, twice, or maybe even three times. Check out this incredible sequence featuring Blake Griffin and the Magic’s defense.

Blake Griffin Hits the Spin Move

Source: Heavy Sports