UCLA’s Shareef O’Neal Speaks out on His Heart Condition

Shareef O’Neal, the son of the NBA legend, Shaquille, is currently in the process of making a name for himself and carrying the families legacy. The 18-year-old basketball star was set to begin his journey as a ballplayer in the upcoming NCAA season at UCLA.

Unfortunately for Shareef, he will take a significant step back as it was discovered that he had a heart condition that would require him to undergo surgery. Now, the four-star power forward will be forced to sit out his freshman season and put everything on hold until he can make his college debut in 2019.

O’Neal, positive as always, released a video via TMZ Sports on Friday morning when the news broke that he would miss his first season for the Bruins. As O’Neal made clear in the video below, he is not finished. While this is a setback, he plans on returning back to the court better than ever. For now, he will have to focus on rehabbing and being a student in the classroom. Check out the video below.

Shareef O’Neal Sends a Message:


Source: Heavy Sports