Twitter Reacts to Ryan Fitzpatrick Being Named Starter Again

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are having a hard time trying to figure out who they want to play at quarterback. While Jameis Winston served his four-game suspension, backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick served the team reasonably well as ‘FitzMagic’ lit up the field for the first couple weeks. Eventually, the magic rubbed off though as Fitzpatrick ended up losing his starting position just two weeks after Winston’s return.

Although Fitzpatrick was benched, Winston didn’t do much better as a replacement. Winston has thrown for only six touchdowns, and ten interceptions in the four games that he has been back at the top of the depth chart. And just this past Sunday, Winston found himself back on the bench after an ugly four-interception showing.

Once again, Fitzpatrick came out and lit up the Bengals defense. The Bucs suddenly had a chance with Fitzpatrick back in the game, but unfortunately, their defense couldn’t finish the game and allowed a game-winning field goal in the end. But regardless of the result, the Bucs had a not-so-hard decision to make for this week. Who would start at QB, Fitzpatrick, or Winston? Well, they figured it out.

Fitzmagic Is Back!

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