Tommy Fleetwood’s Wife Supports His Bromance With Molinari

Tommy Fleetwood’s wife has been cheering on her husband while he has been competing in this weekend’s Ryder Cup. Clare Fleetwood, nee Craig, has been very active on social media this weekend, reposting all kinds of tweets about her hubby and his teammate, Francesco Molinari.

For example, just yesterday, Clare Fleetwood retweeted the following video that was originally tweeted out by the Ryder Cup’s official Twitter page.

Fleetwood and Molinari have been the talk of the weekend since the final pairing was announced. The two just seemed to be very comfortable playing together.

“There aren’t many coming into this week who saw the two working well together. But captain Thomas Bjorn did, and that’s to his credit. The Englishman also seems to have found some camaraderie with the crowd, who have latched onto his infectious personality and his attempts to ramp up the excitement. Bjorn told his players to enjoy this week – on the basis of what we’ve seen so far, Fleetwood is doing just that, and then some,” the Belfast Times reports.

Fleetwood and Molinari have been spotted sharing some special moments together this weekend at Le Golf National. The two have been inseparable, sharing hugs and standing arm-in-arm as they stood on the green.

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Source: Heavy Sports