Todd Gurley Clowns Tarik Cohen on Twitter

There’s nothing quite like athletes trolling other athletes on social media. Trolling on the internet is so popular nowadays amongst random users, but for some reason, it’s just much funnier when famous people do it. Thankfully for our entertainment, athletes have been doing it quite often.

This week, the Chicago Bears are on a break as they were given a week five bye week. So, there isn’t much going on that’s really newsworthy from Chicago. Of course, other than everybody that’s still raving about Mitch Trubisky monster week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last Sunday.

Other than that, Bears players are enjoying their time off. And Bears running back Tarik Cohen decided to hop┬á on Twitter this afternoon to ‘flex.’ The second-year back tweeted out a picture of himself flexing during a game with the caption reading “Who bigger than me out there?” That’s when Los Angeles Rams running back, Todd Gurley quoted it and poked fun at him.

Gurley’s Troll Game

A simple, yet hilarious response from Gurley. It was too easy considering that Tarik Cohen isn’t exactly a large player. In fact, he’s what you would believe to be labeled as an undersized back. Weighing in at 179-pounds, and being five-foot-six doesn’t really help Cohen’s credit to this picture.

Although we know that Gurley is just joking around, it’s still cool to see athletes roasting each other on Twitter and having fun. Cohen hasn’t responded to Gurley’s jab, but we are clearly going have our popcorn ready just in case a Twitter war breaks out.

Source: Heavy Sports