Tigers Woods’ House Listed by Google as ‘Tourist Attraction’

Tiger Woods’ home in Jupiter Island, Florida is strangely listed as a “tourist attraction” on Google. There are even reviews from people who have visited the location thanks to Google listing the address. The only problem is Woods’ home is not open for business, but it did receive 3.4 out of 5 stars in the reviews.

Aside from unwanted visitors, Woods has everything he needs including a four-hole golf course, a putting green and a lap pool. Forbes describes Woods setup at his Jupiter home.

Golf phenom Tiger Woods owns a swanky piece of real estate on Jupiter Island, Florida. The property stretches from the Intracoastal Waterway to the Atlantic Ocean, but don’t expect the top golfer to hang out on the beach. Woods is more likely to be practicing his two-iron stinger on his personal four-green golf course. Woods’ backyard also sports a putting green, 100-foot lap pool, a 60-foot driving pool, a spa and a tennis/basketball sports court.

According to Architectural Digest, Woods purchased the property back in 2007 for $44.5 million. Jupiter Island is a small but exclusive area with an estimated population of 901 people. Other celebrities who own homes on Jupiter Island include Céline Dion, Burt Reynolds, George H.W. Bush, Gary Player, Nick Price and Greg Norman. Architectural Digest provides more details on the property which includes a pair of boat docks for guests who wish to access the house via the Atlantic Ocean.

Woods’s 9,700-square-foot estate is split in two, with a glass-covered walkway connecting his living quarters and a gym. The 6,400-square-foot gym is more than just a room with weights and treadmills, however; the workout space also includes a media room and an elevator. Other features of the property include a tennis court, an oxygen therapy room, a diving pool, and a lap pool. Four other buildings dot Woods’s property: a boathouse, a golf training studio, a stand-alone garage, and a guesthouse. The pro athlete never needs to leave the property for a workout or training session, and all his coaches, trainers, and medical professionals can come to him.

The golfer also has all the right accouterments for being a top host when he wants company, including a wine cellar, a game room in the basement, and three bedroom suites in addition to his own large master bedroom. (The property also has a pair of boat docks for any guests who might approach via the Atlantic Ocean.)

Woods spent the early part of his career in the exclusive Isleworth community located in Windermere, Florida just outside of Orlando. Fellow golfer Bubba Watson purchased the home in 2013 and remodeled it. According to the Los Angeles Times, Watson sold the Isleworth home for $4.2 million in 2016.

According to Business Insider, Woods has earned more than $1.4 billion, counting all of his various business ventures, since joining the PGA Tour. Woods owns a 155-foot yacht he calls “Privacy” that is worth an estimated $25 million. He also owns a Gulfstream G550 private jet that is worth $54 million.

In addition to his home, Woods also has his own restaurant in Jupiter called The Woods Jupiter. Here’s how the restaurant describes the food and atmosphere.

The Woods Jupiter is Tiger’s flagship restaurant. After years of meals on the road, he decided to bring his vision of an elevated sports bar to life at home in Jupiter. Envisioned as a place where friends and family could come together to relax and refuel, The Woods has become a destination to celebrate like a champion.

Source: Heavy Sports