Tiger Woods Memes Erupt After Heartbreaking Putt on Hole 11

Tiger Woods missed a put by an inch on the 11th hole of the PGA Championship. The golfer was bent over at the waist, clearly disappointed on the green at Bellerive Golf Course. While that very putt could change the day for Woods — who has been in contention since teeing off earlier this afternoon.

Although Woods appears to be recovering from disappointing miss, social media was quick to respond with some pretty hilarious memes. You can see a few of them below.

Perhaps the most obvious thing to do when a golf ball is teetering on the edge of a hole is to run up to it and try to blow it in. Of course, that’s cheating, but, if the wind just happened to blow in the right direction at the right time — or if Woods could have gotten all of the spectators to jump at the same time — maybe, just maybe, his ball would have toppled into the hole.

Source: Heavy Sports