Tiger Woods Lives in a Massive House in Jupiter, Florida

Tiger Woods has everything he needs to never leave his house in Jupiter, Florida. Woods’ first house was in Isleworth, a gated community near Orlando. The golfer later moved to Jupiter where a number of golfers and other celebrities live. According to Golf News, Woods moved to Jupiter in 2010 with his now ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

Golf News detailed Woods’ Jupiter estate which he originally purchased the land for $44.5 million in 2007.

Tiger Woods’ house is approximately 9,700 square feet, with two separate sections: a 3,300-square-foot living quarters and a 6,400-square-foot multipurpose building, including a world-class gym, a theater and multimedia room, an elevator and an oxygen therapy room. Woods’ mansion also has a wine cellar and a basement game room in the basement. In the living quarters, there are three bedroom suites in addition to his master bedroom. A glass-covered walkway bridges the two portions of the main building.

Separate from the main house are four other buildings, including a boathouse near the docks, a golf studio, a garage and a guesthouse.

Woods purchased the land on which the mansion sits in 2007 for $44.5 million. Jupiter Island, Fla., has a meager population of under 900 people, making it one of Florida’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

Jupiter Is Becoming an Exclusive Place to Live for Tiger & Other Golfers

Woods is one of several golfers to call Jupiter home. Architectural Digest provides more of a detailed overview on some of the design features.

Woods’s 9,700-square-foot estate is split in two, with a glass-covered walkway connecting his living quarters and a gym. The 6,400-square-foot gym is more than just a room with weights and treadmills, however; the workout space also includes a media room and an elevator. Other features of the property include a tennis court, an oxygen therapy room, a diving pool, and a lap pool. Four other buildings dot Woods’s property: a boathouse, a golf training studio, a stand-alone garage, and a guesthouse. The pro athlete never needs to leave the property for a workout or training session, and all his coaches, trainers, and medical professionals can come to him.

The golfer also has all the right accouterments for being a top host when he wants company, including a wine cellar, a game room in the basement, and three bedroom suites in addition to his own large master bedroom. (The property also has a pair of boat docks for any guests who might approach via the Atlantic Ocean.)

Source: Heavy Sports