Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend Erica Herman Slammed on Twitter After the Open

Erica Herman is being slammed on Twitter after she shared a hug with her boyfriend, Tiger Woods, following the British Open. Some social media users have been commenting on Herman’s looks.

“This is Tiger Woods’ girlfriend…. #TheOpen #woof,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Dang…Tiger Woods’ girlfriend, Erica Herman, is nasty. She looks like Michael Jackson after all his surgeries. Come on, Tiger. #OpenChampionship,” wrote another.

Herman and Woods have been dating for well over a year. The two have been spotted out and about on several romantic dates, and Herman has been in the gallery on just about every championship that Woods has competed in this year.

Herman is no stranger to Woods’ sport of choice. Last year, she was spotted watching the Presidents Cup with her beau. Herman was seen wearing a “player spouse” credential and was also photographed with her arm linked around her beau’s.

Source: Heavy Sports