Tiger Woods Clubs: What’s in the Bag 2018

Tiger Woods’ bag is full of a number of different clubs, including Milled Grind wedges. According to Golf Digest, Woods no longer has any Nike clubs in his bag as the golfer has gradually turned away from the brand that signed Woods to a mega-endorsement deal. In addition to the wedges, Woods uses TaylorMade TW Phase 1 irons. Golf Digest detailed Woods’ switch.

Woods ditched the last Nike golf clubs in his bag, his wedges. Ever since Nike announced it was getting out of the club business in August 2016, Woods has slowly swapped out clubs as his health and playing allowed, first using TaylorMade woods, then TGR irons before recently changing to TaylorMade TW Phase 1 irons. Now Woods has the company’s Milled Grind wedges (56, 60 degrees) in the bag.

According to Golf Week, Woods has also ditched his old Scotty Cameron putter in favor of a Taylor Made Ardmore 3. After making the switch at the Quicken Loans National earlier this year, Woods appeared pleased with his decision.

“I’m starting the ball on my lines again, and I’ve got the speed,” Woods noted per Golf Week. “I hit a lot of good putts that didn’t go in, which is fine, as long as I’m hitting good putts and seeing my lines. That’s something that I have been missing for a while now. For the last two months, I really hadn’t had it. This week I turned it around.”

Golf Week reported Woods’ putter is slightly lighter than the standard version that can be found in retail stores.

Instead of the stock 10-gram weights in the heel and toe, Woods’ putter has 2.5-gram weights. So unless TaylorMade has done something to add weight somewhere else in the head, Woods’ putter is probably 15 grams lighter than the 350-gram standard Ardmore 3. That would make sense because, according to Scotty Cameron, Woods’ Newport 2 weighed 326 grams when it was new. The lighter 2.5-gram weights could make transitioning to the mallet easier.

TaylorMade took advantage of the marketing opportunity by tweeting out a video of Woods using their clubs.

National Club Golfer’s James Savage explains Woods’ choice of drivers throughout 2018.

He started the season with the TaylorMade M2 driver before switching to the new M3 model. He initially struggled with his 440cc TaylorMade M3 driver so has switched to a larger 460cc head and added one degree of loft. He’s now also put in the same Mitsubishi Tensei Orange driver shaft that Rory McIlroy and Ian Poulter used for their victories in 2018.

Source: Heavy Sports