Tiffany Griffen, Everson’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Everson Griffen’s wife, Tiffany Griffen, has been by his side since just after his rookie season in 2012. Everson and Tiffany stay busy with three children: Greyson, Ellis and Sebastian. Everson admitted his new life is a departure from his early days as a single bachelor.

“I bet people look at me now like, ‘Everson got three kids and married? Whew!’” Everson told Bleacher Report. “‘Who’s that woman over here that changed him?’ My family is what I’m most proud of. I couldn’t do it without them.”

According to the Star Tribune, the family is going through a difficult time as Griffen was potentially involved in an incident at Hotel Ivy on Saturday, September 22. The Star Tribune detailed what is known so far about the event.

Griffen’s name was redacted from an incident report released on Monday. Police responded to a call from the Hotel Ivy in Minneapolis reporting a man was threatening to assault staff and was lying on the lobby floor, possibly under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

The suspect “said that if someone doesn’t let him in his room that he is going to shoot someone,” according to the dispatcher. No gun was seen, the dispatcher added.

Police were on the scene at 1:30 p.m. Griffen, who according to the report had been staying at the hotel, was not arrested and allowed to leave the hotel.

Learn more about Everson’s wife and kids.

1. The Couple Has Three Children: Greyson, Ellis & Sebastian

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Everson and Tiffany have their hands full with three young children. Tiffany gave birth to Sebastian Gregory on Thanksgiving Day of 2017. Everson admitted the couple wants to expand their family even more.

“We’re not done, we love them kids!” Griffen told ESPN. “I plan on having four or five. We’re going to have a big family.”

As for whether the couple will allow them to play football, Everson admits he might encourage them to pick another sport.

“I will allow them to play but they won’t play until their freshman year in high school,” Everson explained to ESPN. “I’m going to hold them back and let them play baseball, soccer and basketball. I didn’t start playing tackle until freshman year in high school. The brain is a sensitive area. I want less contact as possible.”

2. Tiffany & Everson Met at a Minnesota Bar

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The couple’s introduction was simple, they met at a local Minnesota bar. Everson had just finished his rookie NFL season.

“We met at a bar called Blondie’s in Brooklyn Park,” Everson told Twin Cities Pioneer Press. “It’s closed now. After my first year in the league, I was being immature and dumb and I walked into the bar, saw her and that’s all she wrote. We’ve been together ever since.”

TIffany left the bar, but Everson tracked her down. They eventually went on their first date at the Pancake House.

“After that, we spent almost every day together,” Everson explained to Twin Cities Pioneer Press. “I took her to (The Original) Pancake House. She got a stack and was eating like I was eating. I’m looking at her like, ‘Yeah!’”

3. Tiffany Found Everson’s Mother Dead in 2012

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The couple has gone through some hardships. According to Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Tiffany found Everson’s mother, Sabrina Scott, dead in the stairwell of Everson’s rental home. Sabrina died of spontaneous artery dissection. Tiffany was six months pregnant with Greyson at the time. Everson admitted his mother’s death was a turning point in his life.

“When I came here and met Tiffany, and then we had Greyson, we weren’t trying to,” Everson told Twin Cities. “When I lost my mom, I knew I could have gone off the deep end, and then we had Greyson three months later. My mom was my rock. I knew I had to stay strong, but I had to grieve. I was dealing with a ton of emotions and battles. That’s when I started maturing more and more.”

The couple gave Greyson the middle name of Scott in honor of Everson’s mother. Sabrina was excited to be a grandmother.

“Sabrina was so excited about the baby on the way,” Tiffany told Bleacher Report. “She’d already bought him gifts and was so full of joy. If she were still here, she’d probably be living with us and loving every minute of it.”

4. Tiffany Describes Everson as Someone Who Is “Full of Life”

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Things moved fast for Everson and Tiffany. According to Bleacher Report, Tiffany told her roommate she was going to marry Everson after just two weeks of dating. Tiffany spoke with Twin Cities about what attracted her to Everson.

He’s full of life. When he walks in a room, he’s just full of personality. You can’t not love him. I don’t know anybody else like him. We compliment each other very well because I’m on the other spectrum. I’m just not as extroverted. It was instant for me. There was no going back. He told me he loved me after two weeks. We’ve always kind of been inseparable. I had no clue about football. It’s been a crazy ride, obviously something I never thought I’d experience. But it’s fun. I have never been passionate about something like that, so it’s awesome to see his passion for the game and to be there for that. It’s pretty amazing.

5. Everson & Tiffany Got Married in Minnesota Back in 2013

The couple became engaged in 2012, and got married in 2013. They got married at the Nicollet Island Pavilion in Minneapolis. Minnesota Bride described the big day.

Minnesota Viking’s defensive end Everson Griffen and his bride Tiffany had an intimate, heartwarming, and altogether adorable wedding day. From the groom’s endearing exclamation upon seeing his bride in her wedding gown, to the couple’s dapper, curly-haired son leading the way down the aisle. The crystal accents and pops of royal purple (go Vikings!) at the ceremony and reception are classically elegant and wonderfully suited to the beautiful Nicollet Island Pavilion venue…From their touching personal vows of love and first kiss as husband and wife, to the energetic fun that continued late into the night on the dance floor, the entire day was a wonderful expression of the love they have for one another as they create a new family. Skol Vikings!

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