Steve Kerr Has an Update on Boogie

Now that Steph Curry is back in the Warriors’ lineup after missing several games with a groin injury, the Golden State team is close to being at full force. Anthony Slater, a reporter for The Athletic, shared a video of Warriors head coach Steve Kerr updating press on the status of DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins, who has yet to play his first game with the team after suffering a torn achilles tendon at the beginning of 2018.

“DeMarcus is making some strides,” Kerr said. “He’s looking a lot better to me the last couple of days. The intensity of his workouts–we didn’t do any scrimmaging or anything today but he took part in every aspect of our practice. I think he’s making some strides, which is exciting.”

When pressed for a timeline for Boogie’s return, Kerr said that the team’s trainer will have the final word on that, but Cousins will participate fully in practices from here on out.

“That [timeline] is more up to Rick,” Kerr said. “I do know that [Cousins] will fully take part in every practice that we have this week. Every shootaround.”

Boogie’s Return Could Make the Warriors Unstoppable

Warriors starters

GettyWith the addition of Boogie Cousins, the Warriors are about to have the scariest starting lineup in the NBA.

It almost feels like the league is holding its breath as it waits for Boogie’s debut with the Warriors. The team is already (and infamously) stacked, and even was such before Kevin Durant (once again, infamously) joined them.

Between the “splash brothers” Curry and Thompson, second-best-player-in-the-league Durant, three-time all-star Draymond Green, and now the addition of Cousins, the Warriors are about to have a ridiculous lineup made completely of all-stars. No other team can say that. It’s demoralizing to even think about.

In his last full season played, Cousins averaged 27 points per game. One problem the Warriors may face when Cousins takes the floor is just the fact that there might not be enough points to go around. Each of the five starters-to-be is used to averaging a high amount, and unless the Warriors run up the score every night (not unlikely), one or two players will have to adjust to a lower amount of touches.

That being said, there are worse problems to have. The Warriors are already scary, and are quickly ascending to their expected place at the top of the Western Conference. With Boogie closing in on his debut with the team, they’re about to become that much scarier. The rest of the conference almost doesn’t have a prayer.

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Source: Heavy Sports