Steph Curry Memes: Best Funny Photos From NBA Finals

Steph Curry went from a shooting slump in the Western Conference Finals to setting an NBA finals record with nine made three pointers. As expected, the internet reacted with a plethora of Curry memes, and we’re providing a roundup of the best images. The whole Curry family was in attendance at Oracle Arena to watch Curry put on a shooting clinic.

The Warriors now lead the Cavs 2-0 in the finals, but detractors are sure to point out the Warriors did blow a 3-1 lead in 2016 to Cleveland. The only challenge for Cavs fans is this Cleveland roster is not on the same level as the squad that pulled off the courageous comeback two years ago. Curry spoke to The Undefeated in 2017 about what the experience was like to blow such a large lead in the finals.

The last six minutes of Game 7. You feel like you could go back and do a couple things differently to get your team over the hump. It’s crazy. Honestly, Kyrie [Irving] made a key [late] shot. That helped seal the deal for them, win it and have a comeback. Had that shot not gone down for them or the ball bounced a different way a possession or two before … it’s just crazy how that defining moment changes the narrative of everything.

Here’s a look at the funniest Curry memes.

Game 2 Was a Blowout

This meme comes from 2016, but still applies to Game 2 of the 2018 finals. The Warriors defeated the Cavs by 19 points. It got so bad Cleveland pulled their starters which caused the ABC announcers to wonder if Cavs coach Ty Lue was waiving the white flag too soon.

Barry Bonds Made an Appearance in Game 1

This photo goes back to Game 1 when Barry Bonds was in attendance, but it is too good to pass up. Bonds had some of the best years of his career with the San Francisco Giants. This image was passed around with different people on Twitter adding their own caption.

A LeBron James Meme Re-Purposed

You may have seen a similar viral meme with LeBron James smoking a cigarette instead of Curry. The user @NBAmemesinsta re-purposed it to feature Curry after his red-hot Game 2 performance. Here’s a look at a version of the original image with James.

Kevin Love’s Face Says It All

Kevin Love’s face in this photo sums up what Cavs fans were feeling every time Curry shot the ball. Curry was making shots from between the three-point line and half court as the video below shows.

The Ringer also used the same photo to show what defenders feel like watching Curry shoot.

Steph Curry’s Shooting Is Like a Cheat Code

Jeopardy got in on the action with this funny trivia question. When he is in the zone like we saw in Game 2, Curry’s shooting range is unlike anything we have seen in recent years, and can extend to just above half court.

Source: Heavy Sports