Stan Kroenke Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Stan Kroenke is truly an example of the “American Dream” at work.

Kroenke, who recently celebrated his 71st birthday on July 29, is one of the most well-known sports owners in the world. He came from humble beginnings, as he grew up in Mora, Missouri, and learned the value of hard work early. Kroenke’s first real job was working for his father; he kept the books and swept floors for his dad’s business, the Mora Lumber Company, a lumber yard and hardware store.

Kroenke, whose full birth name is actually Enos Stanley Kroenke, a nod to St. Louis Cardinals’ Hall-of-Fame players Enos Slaughter and Stan Musial, attended the University of Missouri at Columbia, where he would earn his bachelor’s degree and master’s in business administration.

Regarded as a sports mogul, Kroenke is also one of the most active and passionate owners despite the fact he’s not as openly vocal as others. As of 2018, Forbes values Kroenke at $8.3 billion.

Here is what you need to know about Kroenke:

Kroenke Started Kroenke Sports & Entertainment

He Purchased Stake in the Los Angeles Rams in 1995

His Wife Ann Walton Is a Wal-Mart Heiress

She Also Owns the Denver Nuggets & Colorado Avalanche

Kroenke Bought Alishair Usmanov Out of Arsenal in 2018

Source: Heavy Sports