Sorry, NBA Bloggers: Chrissy Teigen Was First to Reveal LeBron’s Move to Los Angeles

With the impeding news of LeBron James leaving Cleveland, the NBA community speculated just who would be responsible for reporting LeBron’s big decision. To an aspiring NBA journalist, for a story that had ESPN cameras at airports, breaking a story of this magnitude could make a career.

So obviously Chrissy Teigen was the first to confirm that LeBron James would be joining the LA Lakers. Who else did you expect? Shams?

It started late Saturday, when Teigen dropped a seemingly innocent opener:

While some could interpret what came next as a joke, Teigen’s journalism skills quickly launched into legitimacy. In case you were ready to take her for trolling, Teigen tweeted this very real update just a minute later:

That escalated quickly. I have so many questions about how Teigen noticed James at a small embroidery shop, but I’m going to chalk it up to the magic of LA. If you were skeptic, worry not. Teigen followed up her claim with photographic evidence of LeBron leaving the shop. Kind of.

Rock-solid proof. It was at that point that Vegas moved their lines to -5000 for LeBron to join the lakers.

Just kidding. However, Teigen’s scoop was verified less than 24 hours later, when Adrian Wojnarowski confirmed that James has agreed to join the Lakers.

This is the second time Teigen has entered the national sports conversation this summer. Last month, during the NHL Playoffs, Teigen was convinced she had the technique required to become an NHL goaltender.

The stance sent shockwaves throughout Hockey Twitter. The Los Angeles Kings were so convinced, they invited her down to the arena for a tryout. Ducks goalie Ryan Miller, had some countering words for the 2014 SI Swimsuit cover model.

Ultimately the two buried the hatchet in a very LA way, by being incredibly good-looking.

Sorry, Sam. Chrissy Teigen is that talented and unpaid blogger. No word yet on where Kawhi Leonard will go during NBA free agency, but be sure to keep Teigen’s twitter feed refreshed for the latest updates.

Source: Heavy Sports