Shannon Sharpe Calls Klay Thompson out for Recent Comments

Klay Thompson made waves yesterday when it came out that he’d called the LeBron James era Cavs “bums” and “idiots”.

In an interview with The Athletic, Thompson was reminded of the time that the 2016 Cavs had a Halloween party, and pictures surfaced of them jokingly putting names like his and Steph Curry’s on tombstones.

“Oh, yeah. Ha!” Thompson told Anthony Slater of The Athletic. “That was funny. Look how that turned out. Psssh. Bums. That was crazy. I forgot about that. Well, look at what pettiness gets you. Gets you 1-8 in the Finals. Idiots.”

The Cavs may have won the title earlier that year in 2016, but the Warriors went on to only lose one total playoff game to them in the next two postseasons combined (They beat them in five games in 2017 and swept them in 2018.)

However, Thompson has caught flak for the comments, mostly because the Warriors only became undefeatable when Kevin Durant decided to come to town. Shannon Sharpe had comments on that theme during a segment on “Undisputed” today, calling Thompson out for being too big for his britches.

“Klay Thompson talks real big after he got a 7’0″ monster to join up,” Sharpe said in reference to Durant’s arrival at Golden State. “Klay wants to stick his chest out, but I want you to have that same energy if ol’ Kevin Durant were to leave.”

He went on to highlight the benefits of having Kevin Durant on the already-stacked team, and how talking trash when you have that kind of advantage isn’t a great look:

“They weren’t doing all this talking when they got chased down. Now they got a seven-foot monster. They got the second-best player in the NBA–that can erase a lot of mistakes that they make. And now Klay wants to stick his chest out.

“I want you to have that same energy, Klay. I want you to talk about how people are idiots when you’re not the overwhelming favorite every time you step on the court because you have two of the five best players in all of basketball. This oughta be beneath Klay. But it’s not.”

If Kevin Durant leaves the Warriors during his impending free agency this next offseason, Klay will have more opportunity to walk the walk. Until then, though, his comments seem a bit hollow. Though Klay’s been there from the beginning, the Warriors are easily the most stacked team in the NBA, maybe ever. It’s a bad look to talk tough when you have such an advantage.

The Warriors Play the Cavs Tonight

The Warriors will face the Cavs tonight in Cleveland, and they’re a shell of their former selves since the departure of LeBron James. With JR Smith and Kyle Korver having recently taken their leave as well, this Cavs team is at ground zero of their rebuilding stage. The Warriors will almost definitely walk all over them, but a win won’t mean much for the 16-9 team.

The two teams will play tonight at 7:00 pm EST on NBA League Pass and local channels.

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Source: Heavy Sports