Ryan Miocic, Stipe’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ryan Miocic is the wife of current UFC Heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic. Her full maiden name is Ryan Marie Carney.

The couple first met almost six years ago, and have been inextricably linked ever since. The pair routinely posts together on social media and gushes about each other whenever they can. Going through their Instagram pages would take years off of your life.

Ryan remains as outspoken about her husband as she has ever been (more on that later), and is usually seen somewhere cage side with friends and family cheering on her husband during his fights.

Here is everything you need to know about Ryan Miocic:



1. The Couple Met While Stipe Was Working as a Firefighter

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Ryan met Stipe in January 2013 when her brother, a firefighter, introduced Stipe to her at the station both men worked at. As a firefighter – and currently a paramedic – Stipe makes a fraction, roughly 10%, of the money he earns from fighting in a calendar year. The pair quickly started dating:

Party of Stipe’s appeal is that he retains a low profile type of personality, despite his prominence.

“He doesn’t care about being recognized,” Ryan told Bleacher Report about her husband.

“He’s so normal. He doesn’t realize that when he talks to people, they might be in awe. That’s why people relate to him and like him so much. I think he means everything to [Cleveland residents]. He’s their Rocky Balboa. He’s different from other athletes.”


2. They Were Married in June 2016

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Stipe and Ryan were engaged in September 2015:

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The couple, who had been together almost three-and-a-half years, were married in June 2016. Stipe was excited to share their joyous news to the world, much like he was excited to tell his followers when they started dating three years prior:

Close family and friends attended the wedding, as did Stipe’s former firefighter friends. Stipe remains close with them to this day; some have even attended his previous fights, joining his wife in the crowd.

“Every fight, I go,” Ryan reiterated in the same BR interview. “He would feel weird if he walked out and didn’t see me.”

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3. The Couple Is Expecting Their First Child Soon

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On January 20, 2018, the couple announced they were expecting their first child together. In the following months, Ryan has multiple Instagram posts documenting her growing baby bump.

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Stipe will now share his kingdom with his queen, and a new princess, in the coming weeks:

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Oh, and they also have a very handsome dog, Primo, who has his own Instagram page:

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4. Ryan is a Former Hairdresser and Trained Nurse

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She is a former hairstylist and cosmetology instructor, was trained as a nurse at Cuyahoga Community College. As a registered hospice nurse, she is able to relate to her husband closely due to the shared nature of their respective professions.

How? Stipe is also a trained paramedic. Both lives are on demand and hectic, but finding times of solace, either together or with others at the Strong Style gym where they train, in the midst of the chaos when she isn’t working or he isn’t fighting – or helping lives – is satisfying.

“It’s a totally different gratification [than fighting]. He wins a fight and it is gratifying because you train hard, you work hard, and you want to win. But a first responder is totally different. People look at you in times of desperation. The feeling you get from helping people in that time of their lives is such a high.”

She’d never want to treat her husband as a nurse, though:

“As a nurse and as his wife, God forbid he’d have to go to the hospital there. It’s a very different system,” she told Cleveland19.com in 2016.


5. Ryan Is Outspoken About Her Husband’s Lack of Promotion

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Ryan has been outspoken about the UFC’s lack of promotion for her husband — a common criticism among die-hard MMA fans — who has successfully defended the UFC Heavyweight championship on three separate occasions, more than any fighter in the history of the promotion. Miocic’s resume is already historic.

“SO disappointing and honestly in shock that you would even write this post!!!!!” Ryan said. “Get behind your Champion! It’s time! Continued disrespect for the blue collar, stand up individual serving his community, and dominating his division.”

She continued:

“This is a man that goes above and beyond for everyone he meets and does nothing but gracefully display his talent. He is a shining example of a hero, a family man, a role model for kids and everyone else he encounters. You really need to re-evaluate who it is that you choose to stand behind. Very disappointing. But sadly, not surprising.”

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