Report Cites ‘Sad’ Change in Jimmy Butler From Start of NBA Career

Sometimes change isn’t always for the best, and apparently, Minnesota Timberwolves guard Jimmy Butler has undergone a massive change in his career. Since being drafted with the final pick of the first round in the 2011 NBA Draft, to where things stand today with the All-Star pushing for a trade, it’s just different.

From an outsider’s perspective, it seems like typical NBA business. A frustrated player looking to land with a new team. But as Sam Amico of Amico Hoops revealed, the change to Butler’s persona and overall personality has changed.

So much so, that Amico revealed a source called Butler’s change “sad because he was the best kid ever.”

“He was a humble country kid who was happy to be in the NBA,” one league source told Amico Hoops. “Now, he drinks $4,000 bottles of wine and thinks he is LeBron or D-Wade.

“It’s really sad because he was the best kid ever.”

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Source: Heavy Sports