Report: Baker Mayfield Won’t Miss Hue Jackson

The Cleveland Browns shook up their coaching staff on Monday morning when it was announced that they would be firing their head coach, Hue Jackson. It wasn’t a move that anybody expected as of yesterday. Rumors were going around that if the Browns continued to lose, then there would have to be a change coming sooner than later. Except the change was supposed to be firing offensive coordinator Todd Haley, not Jackson.

Well, Hue Jackson indeed is fired from the Browns as of Monday morning, and apparently, there are some mixed emotions about it. Rumor has it that Browns owner, Jimmy Haslam was pro-Hue Jackson and wanted to keep him, but general manager John Dorsey wanted Jackson out of the picture. Dorsey got his way.

So, how does the star quarterback feel about? Rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield started the season off hot, but the offensive issues have really been stunting his growth as of late. Apparently, Mayfield won’t precisely miss Hue Jackson as the head coach, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Mayfield Likes the Move?

Rapoport reported on NFL Network that he’s heard through the grapevine that Mayfield will move on just fine without Jackson in charge. Then, Rapoport doubled-down on his statement by quote tweeting Keith Britton’s quote with “Yup.”

There are no surprises here. You can imagine that Mayfield probably had a problem with Jackson stemming from the offseason when the Browns head coach pretty much refused to let Mayfield compete for the starting quarterback position against Tyrod Taylor. Not that Mayfield has any problem with Taylor, but he probably though that he should’ve had a realistic chance to open up the Browns season as a first-stringer.

How can you blame him? Mayfield ultimatley ended up winning the position over anyway, and who knows what would’ve happened if Taylor didn’t end up getting injured earlier on in the season. We could still see the Browns trotting out Taylor over Mayfield, courtesy of Hue Jackson. But now all of that is in the past, and the Browns will continue to Mayfield era without Jackson calling the shots.

Source: Heavy Sports