Portland Trail Blazers’ Enter Arena Wearing Halloween Costumes

With the NBA season officially underway, we’re a little halfway through October. And you know what that means. Halloween is quickly approaching! Typically, when NBA players arrive at the arena that they are playing at for the night, they are dressed in more casual/professional attire. But on Monday night, the Portland Trail Blazers made an exception for the players.

As the majority of Blazers players entered the Moda Center on Monday, cameras caught the players in their Halloween costumes. It was clear that the Blazers were having fun pregame and enjoying their time having fun with the entrances. Unfortunately, the Blazers couldn’t close out Monday’s game with a victory against the Washington Wizards.

The Blazers took a tough loss, losing 125-124. Four quarters just wasn’t enough as the game ended up going into overtime as both teams were neck-and-neck for the entire fourth quarter. And the guy who stole the show with his Halloween costume and entrance almost stole the show on the court as well.

We’re talking about Damian Lillard, who battled for 41 minutes, scoring the game-high of 29 points. Unfortunately, Lillard’s contributions just weren’t enough in the end as the Blazers are going to have a tough time thinking about this loss for a while.

At Least the Costumes Were Cool

At the end of the day, there’s still plenty of basketball left to be played this season. The Blazers can bounce back from that game, but they won’t be able to rock funny costumes every game. That’s what made Monday’s player entrances into the arena so unique and funny on Monday. So although the Blazers couldn’t win, it’s still cool to look back and see the fun they had before things got serious before tip-off. Let’s check out some of the best costumes.

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The Crowd Favorite

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Source: Heavy Sports