Penn State’s Trace McSorley Embraces Baker Mayfield Comparisons

Typically, athletes hate being compared to somebody else. Especially for an NCAA superstar that is putting everything out on the field on Saturday’s trying to make a name for themselves. Nowadays, comparisons are the norm when it comes to college football players working to get drafted just months after their season ends. Not every athlete is opposed to comparisons, though. In fact, some guys find it entirely flattering.

Penn State’s senior quarterback Trace McSorley has embraced comparisons. Although McSorley has stood out for the past few seasons as Penn State continued to climb up the ranks, he still understands that he has to show more on the field to make a name for himself. So, as the comparisons to say, Baker Mayfield, come in, McSorley takes it as fuel to his fire. As doubt has become McSorley’s number one motivator on game days.

Every single week for college football is critical. In order to make the four-team playoffs, you pretty much have to go undefeated. And even then you can still get snubbed. As of right now, the Nittany Lions are ranked at No. 9. This week, they host the No. 4 Ohio State Buckeyes in what will be McSorley’s fourth and final whiteout game at Beaver Stadium. As perhaps, the biggest matchup of the week approaches, McSorley has had to field many questions for a Big Ten press conference considering the circumstances of rivalry week. That’s when Doug Lesmerises of dropped the Mayfield comparisons on him. McSorley responded accordingly.

“We Have That Same Competitive Attitude”


With a Big Ten rivalry going down in Happy Valley this week, McSorley is focused on being competitive and having fun. As he does take the game of football very serious, he also makes it quite clear that his main focus is on having fun while playing the game. And hey, if he happens to win the Heisman and gets picked No. 1 overall in the 2019 NFL Draft, then great.

Notice I say that because that’s exactly what Baker Mayfield did. And McSorley realizes that Mayfield’s accomplishments are an absolute dream for a college quarterback. So, if you want to compare McSorley to Mayfield, then, by all means, make the comparison. He won’t mind at all. In fact, following in Mayfield’s footsteps actually sounds like his goal, as it should be.

24/7 Sports doesn’t think too highly of McSorley winning the Heisman right now, but he is on the rise. With five quarterbacks ahead of him, including this week’s opponent, Dwayne Haskins, McSorley still has a ways to go. A big win over Ohio State would surely elevate McSorley’s stock as he continues on with his journey to becoming college football’s most intriguing prospect for the 2019 NFL Draft.

Source: Heavy Sports