Patriots’ Female Fanbase Reacts to Report That Eric Decker Is Coming to Foxboro

The New England Patriots seem very interested in bringing Eric Decker to Foxborough. Sources say that Decker was spotted at Gillette Stadium, practicing with the Super Bowl champions on Monday.

According to Ian Rapoport, “the Patriots are signing WR Eric Decker, source said. They’ve been in talks for a few days. Will be a one-year deal.”

Although the Patriots organization has not confirmed nor denied rumors that Decker is in talks to join the squad, the team’s female fanbase is ready to bring the handsome wide receiver into their Patriots family.

“Someone confirm for me that there is some hope that Eric Decker is going to the Patriots,” wrote one female Twitter user, adding the heart eyes emoji to her tweet.

“If the Patriots sign Eric decker I won’t be paying attention to the football anymore cause he’s fine AF,” tweeted another.

Aside from New England having one of the best teams in the NFL year after year, female fans have seemingly been blessed to have several good looking players to stare at on Sundays. In fact, a Facebook page by the name of New England Patriots Eye Candy Land was created in honor of the good-looking team. The page has more than 90,000 likes.

On Tuesday, the page posted about Decker’s Monday practice at Gillette, and many Facebook users were quick to post their feelings on the matter.

“Just when I thought there couldn’t be another hottie for our team,” wrote one Facebook user. 

Sa-weet! Fingers crossed ! He sure fits the Pat’s prerequisite of ‘easy on the eyes’ … We do have the best looking team in the league,” wrote another. 

With the loss of Jimmy G and Danny Amendola, we really need this win for the hottie department,” added a third.

Source: Heavy Sports