Patrick Corbin’s Fiancée, Jen Ancone: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

On November 2, reported that the Arizona Diamondbacks made a qualifying offer to left-handed pitcher Patrick Corbin. This means that Corbin can either accept the $17.9 million contract to stay with the Diamondbacks for one year, or reject the offer and become a free agent.

According to a wedding registry on The Knot, registered under both of their names, their wedding is scheduled for November 17, 2018, in Scottsdale, AZ. If that information is still accurate, Corbin could be fielding offers while he and his bride-to-be prepare for their wedding later this month.

1. She & Corbin Have Been Together Since High School

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Jen, like her fiancé, attended Cicero-North Syracuse High School. Though the two have been together since high school, Corbin’s relationship with baseball was not as immediately established. reported in 2013 that when Corbin’s “father brought him the paperwork to sign up for the baseball team as a freshman at Cicero-North Syracuse he declined. He told his parents playing with friends was better than playing in high school.”

About Corbin’s interest in high school athletics, the article includes that “He was a quarterback and safety for the C-NS football team, broke the record for 3-pointers in a game on its basketball team and served as its unbeaten ace for two seasons in baseball. Basketball was his favorite sport, and he played both baseball and basketball his first year of junior college. He went to a major league game occasionally, but when he became a professional he was so unfamiliar with the minor-league system he didn’t know how many levels stood between him and the majors.”

According to, Ancone received a bachelor’s degree from University of Albany in 2013.

2. On the Day Corbin Proposed, Ancone Thought They Were Doing a Team Photo Shoot

ABC 15 Sports interviewed Corbin about his proposal, and he revealed that he had members of the Diamondbacks media relations team in on the secret to make it as special and planned-out as possible. To justify the presence of a photographer, he said he “just kind of lied to her about it,” saying they needed to go to a team photo shoot because “It’s hard to capture that moment but have her be that surprised if there was just a photographer there.”

Though Corbin said that “Everybody kept it a secret. A lot of people knew about it. Everything worked out the way I planned,” he admitted that he was nervous that she would see his text messages and ruin the surprise. On the car ride to their house, he said “I was nervous on the way there because she was Facetiming her friends on my phone. I didn’t want someone to send me a text and (have it) pop up.”

3. She Lives With Corbin & Their Dog, Ace, in Arizona

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Shortly before their engagement, the two bought a house together in Arizona; there new house is where he proposed. According to ABC News in Pheonix, his surprise proposal involved “driving to their new house they recently bought together, AND having a photographer present, without her suspecting a thing.”

According to Corbin’s Instagram, the two adopted a puppy back in January, who they named Ace. Corbin often posts photos of the couple and Ace, at Diamondback events and their Arizona home.

It is worth noting, as Patrick Corbin fans wait for news about where he will be playing next, that the house that the soon-to-be-newlyweds purchased earlier this year is in Diamondbacks territory.

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4. She Is Private on Social Media

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Although Corbin has over 48,000 followers on his Instagram, and often tags his fiancé in photos, she has chosen to keep her own Instagram account private. The photo ABC 15 featured on their article about the engagement, however, is credited as coming from Ancone’s Instagram, suggesting that the account was at one time public.

Fans will have to wait and see if she chooses to make her photos publics after the wedding, or if they will share the news with Corbin’s followers. There are no photos on Corbin’s account acknowledging their engagement, so they may choose to share the wedding details exclusively with their friends and family.

5. She Enjoys Cooking, Baking, & DIY

The one social media account on which Ancone is public is Pinterest; her account features pins on boards labeled in categories such as “Arts & Crafts,” “Food,” and “Drinks.” Many of the photos and articles she has “pinned” are recipes and step-by-step instructions on how to create your own home decor.

The items on their wedding registry suggest, too, that Ancone is a skilled cook and baker.

Source: Heavy Sports