Packers Rip Ty Montgomery for Decision That Led to Game-Losing Fumble

The stage appeared to be set for another Aaron Rodgers comeback. Then Ty Montgomery happened.

The Green Bay Packers running back fumbled during a kickoff return with two minutes left and his team trailing the Los Angeles Rams 29-27.

According to’s Michael Silver, Montgomery had been instructed by coaches to take a knee.

“Aaron was hot,” said a Packers coach. “And he had a right to be. He yelled, ‘Take a f—— knee!’ He was very, very mad.”

Rodgers wasn’t alone. One Packers player suggested Montgomery’s decision to leave the end zone rather than kneel for a touchback was an act of defiance.

Via Silver:

In the eyes of many of Rodgers’ teammates, his ire was justifiable. According to more than a half-dozen Packers players and coaches who witnessed it, Montgomery had thrown a tantrum of his own on Green Bay’s previous offensive series, becoming noticeably enraged on the sideline after being removed from the game. At least one player believed there was carryover from that incident to Montgomery’s decision to disregard his coaches’ instruction and return the kickoff.

“They took him out (the previous drive) for a play and he slammed his helmet and threw a fit,” one Packers player said. “Then (before the kickoff) they told him to take a knee, and he ran it out anyway. You know what that was? That was him saying, ‘I’m gonna do me.’ It’s a f—– joke.

“I mean, what the f— are you doing? We’ve got Aaron Rodgers, the best I’ve ever seen, and you’re gonna take that risk? I mean, it’s ’12’! All you gotta do is give him the ball, and you know what’s gonna happen.”


Source: Heavy Sports