Nick & Joey Bosa’s Injuries Sideline Brothers At Same Time

If misery does love company, Nick Bosa and his brother Joey Bosa are testing out this saying with their recent injuries. Nick had surgery for a core muscle injury and will be out for Ohio State until at least November per ESPN. Cheryl Bosa, Nick and Joey’s mother, told ESPN her son is hoping to return in November.

“He’d love to [play again this year],” Cheryl explained to ESPN. “It’s a day at a time right now. He’s a beast. I go to [physical therapy] with him every day and he’s doing what he’s supposed to do.”

Nick had his surgery performed by Vincera Institute’s William Meyers, a medical professional who specializes in core muscle injuries.

“He’s with the best doctor in the world for the injury that he sustained,” Cheryl told ESPN. “The beauty of this injury is it may take a while to recover, but when he recovers, he’ll be 100 percent. So that’s the upside of going to this doctor with this injury.”

Nick sustained the injury earlier this season against TCU.

The Ohio State defensive end tweeted out how much he misses football prior to the Buckeyes big matchup with Penn State.

“I wish more than anything that I could be out there with my brothers tomorrow,” Nick tweeted.

Nick’s brother Joey, who plays for the Chargers, is also sidelined with an injury. The two are no doubt working through the time away from football together.

Joey Bosa Is Likely Out Until At Least Week 9 of the NFL Season

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Joey is also injured and has been battling a foot injury since before his brother sustained his injury. According to ESPN, Joey suffered a bone bruise in his foot during the first week of Chargers training camp. Joey was expected to be back for the start of the season, but re-injured it in his first practice back ahead of Week 1.

According to ESPN, Joey is experiencing instability in his foot, and it would require season-ending surgery if it does not heal properly. Joey and the Chargers are hoping he is able to return as soon as Week 9 as ESPN detailed.

As stated earlier, Bosa said the earliest he could potentially return to action would be the Chargers’ bye week, which means he’s likely out until Week 9. Bosa believes there’s a good chance he will not need surgery if his rehabilitation goes smoothly.

Joey is trying to preach patience to both himself and anxious fans.

“To anybody out there that is upset that I’m not out there, trust me I wish I was out there,” Bosa explained to ESPN. “But if you wanted me to be out for the rest of the season, then I can go play next week. But if you want me to actually play one snap this year at least, then this is what I need to do.”

As for his younger brother, their father, John Bosa, told The Athletic that they would not know anything new about Nick’s injury until he is re-evaluated in November.

“Coach Meyer is going to get peppered with these questions and he basically said it’s a few weeks, but it’s worth me at least clarifying that it’s not a few weeks,” John told The Athletic. “Nick had major surgery. Now, he had surgery with the best surgeon for the core on the planet (Dr. William C. Meyers in Philadelphia) and it’s 100 percent fixable, which is the beauty of it, but he’s not even getting re-evaluated until November.”

Source: Heavy Sports