Nets Guard’s Twitter Called ‘KD Burner Account’ After Kevin Durant Praise

Sometimes, even one the valiant effort from one NBA player to show love to another can make things go off the rails. Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie found that out first hand on Thursday night. During the Golden State Warriors’ eventual overtime loss to the Toronto Raptors, Dinwiddie, like all NBA fans were left in awe by Kevin Durant’s play.

Specifically, when Durant drained a wild fadeaway 3-pointer to send the game against the Raptors to overtime, Dinwiddie couldn’t contain himself. He posted on Twitter: ‘Holy sh**. KD a bad dude.” – here’s a look at the play, in case you missed it.

Following Dinwiddie’s reaction to the play, it seems he received some jokes on Twitter for being a fake account, or specifically a “KD burner account.” Shortly after, the Nets guard had to follow up on his original tweet by confirming that he most definitely was not a burner account.

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Source: Heavy Sports