NBA Rankings: Eric Gordon is Losing Faith in the Rockets

The Rockets are dangerously close to the very bottom of the Western Conference–something that nobody foresaw for the team that made it to the Western Conference Finals last year and is the homeplace of the league’s reigning MVP. They lost disastrously to the Utah Jazz last night in a 118-91 rout (even with the Jazz missing star center Rudy Gobert after he was ejected in the first quarter), and to the Timberwolves just a few days before that.

The Jazz and Timberwolves are good teams, but they should not be handily beating a team with James Harden, Chris Paul, Clint Capela, and Sixth Man of the Year candidate Eric Gordon.

Gordon himself didn’t hold back after last night’s loss, saying it “sucks” and expressing a loss of hope in the team’s hopes for success this year.

“I’m just not having fun man. This sucks,” he told Kelly Iko of The Athletic Even the times where I have good games. We’re just not using some guys the right way. Are we gonna make the right sacrifices? Do we have the right attitude?”

Source: Heavy Sports