Millman Leaves Court for a ‘Too Sweaty’ Break

During the US quarterfinals on Thursday, during the second set, John Millman approached the net to ask Dojokovic if he minded if he went and changed his sweaty shirt because he “couldn’t serve”. Djokovic shrugged, saying he had no problem with it.

Twitter immediately went into a frenzy with some people writing, “The weirdest #USOpen yet? #Djokovic #Millman #Millmania #NewYork.”

Others questioned if this was a violation of the rules. “So what are the rules? Is Millman being watched? What if he was going to get like steroids or something how would they know?”

Djokovic clearly welcomed the break, and took off his shirt in an obvious attempt to cool down. He even flashed audiences a smile as he rested his head in his hands.

As the commentators noted, this was an unusual break– one that they’d never witnessed before.

Source: Heavy Sports