Michael Vick to Kareem Hunt: “Get Help”

Is the NFL a second-chance league? The debate between yes and no for this question could really go either way. If you ask former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, he would probably have a much different opinion on the topic than former star quarterback, Michael Vick. Unlike Rice, Vick made it back to the league after spending a couple of years in prison. Although their two situations were different, the topic remains the same.

Recently, NFL running back Kareem Hunt was released from the team that drafted him in 2017, the Kansas City Chiefs. After a hotel surveillance video was released of Hunt shoving and kicking a female back in February, the running back not only lost his original team, but no other NFL franchise took a chance on him as he cleared waivers this past Monday.

Being that Hunt is only 23-years-old, there’s still time for him to turn his life around and make it back in the NFL. That is of course if he works at bettering himself for teams to see. It’s not going to be easy, but Hunt has a lot of people in his corner who dealt with similar issues. And as Michael Vick is the face of NFL comeback stories, the former quarterback is willing to reach out to Hunt and give him some help and advice.

Michael Vick Issues Some Advice for Kareem Hunt

“He can always reach out to me, I’m going to give him positive advice,” Vick says … “I didn’t condone what he did, I’m against that — but he’s gotta learn from the situation.”

“You gotta get help. That’s what I did. I got help. People helped me in my situation. He gotta get help, and that’s what’s most important.”

According to TMZ Sports, Michael Vick is more than willing to just throw out advice to the media. If Hunt wants Vick’s words of encouragement and guidance, he leaves the door open for future discussion. But in the meantime, the former NFL star urges Hunt to get some help and attend anger management. After word got out that Hunt’s incident from February wasn’t his only run-in with conflict in the offseason, it’s clear that this isn’t an isolated situation.

While Vick does make it clear that he personally believes that teams should steer clear of the running back, for now, he knows in his heart that Hunt should see a fresh start in the NFL sometime in the future. After all, Hunt was a top-five running back statistically during his first two years in the NFL. Unfortunately, his off-field conflicts have derailed his way to the top of the game, as the Chiefs were one of the NFL’s best in 2018. Will Hunt make his way back to the NFL? Only time will tell. But for now, he should take in Vick’s advice, and figure out a way to better himself moving forward.

Source: Heavy Sports