Masters Purse 2018: How Much Money Does Winner Make?

The winner of the Masters not only receives a green jacket, but a lot of money. According to the PGA, the winning golfer of the 2018 Masters earns $1.98 million. This is the same amount as the winner received a year ago. The second place finisher also gets over a million dollars at $1.19 million, third place receives $748,000, fourth place earns $528,000 and fifth place receives $440,000.

The top 50 golfers all earn prize money with the amounts ranging from $1.98 million to $27,720. Winning the Masters is much more than earning a fat check, as the perks last a lifetime. There is the custom-fitted green jacket, which the previous year’s winner puts on the winning golfer then current winner will carry on the following year.

You also automatically qualify for the Masters as long as you are still playing. There is no making the cut for Augusta for past winners. According to, you also get a five-year exemption on the PGA Tour, and another five-year exemption for the other majors: U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship. There is an additional invitation to the next year’s Tournament of Champions in Maui.

One of the big pluses to winning at Augusta is the Champions Dinner. The previous year’s winner gets to pick the menu for the meal that takes place at the start of Masters week. Also, you get a lifetime invitation to attend future Champion Dinners. According to, the winner also earns 100 world ranking points, a significant step up from the normal 40 to 70 range of a typical event.

Golf fans knew on Friday that we would not be getting back-to-back winners, as Sergio Garcia missed the cut. As is tradition, Garcia will put the green jacket on the 2018 winner. Former winner Adam Scott explained what it is like winning at Augusta National.

“There’s a huge sense of achievement of putting it on your shoulders,” Scott told “It’s something that not everyone gets to put on their shoulders. In the game of golf, there are a few real pinnacles and I think the green jacket is one of them because not that many people in history have been able to slip it on their shoulders. It’s a huge sense of achievement. Every time I put it on, … it’s not relief at all, but … it’s a sense of achievement because you’ve achieved something only very few have. It feels a lot lighter than I thought it would. It’s quite a nice, light material. There’s a little shoulder paddieness about it. It’s a little, maybe, old-fashioned, but it’s a lot lighter than I thought it would be.”

Here’s a breakdown of the 2018 Masters purse courtesy of

Masters Purse 2018: Top 50 Golfers

1st $1,198,000
2nd $1,188,000
3rd $748,000
4th $528,000
5th $440,000
6th $396,000
7th $368,500
8th $341,000
9th $319,000
10th $297,000
11th $275,000
12th $253,000
13th $231,000
14th $209,000
15th $198,000
16th $187,000
17th $176,000
18th $165,000
19th $143,000
20th $132,000
21st $123,200
22nd $114,400
23rd $105,600
24th $96,800
25th $88,000
26th $84,700
27th $84,700
28th $81,400
29th $78,100
30th $74,800
31st $71,500
32nd $68,200
33rd $64,900
34th $62,150
35th $59,400
36th $56,650
37th $53,900
38th $51,700
39th $49,500
40th $47,300
41st $45,100
42nd $42,900
43rd $40,700
44th $38,500
45th $36,300
46th $34,100
47th $31,900
48th $30,140
49th $28,600
50th $27,720

Source: Heavy Sports