Markelle Fultz Dodges Injury Questions after Win over the Pacers

When will Markelle Fultz catch a break? Next week? Next season? Maybe never. Ever since the Philadelphia 76ers drafted Fultz with the first-overall pick in 2017, he’s been under a microscope, and talked about for all of the wrong reasons. It’s like, every time he has a bad game, he’s a bust. Whenever he has a good game, it’s just not good enough. Is he nervous? Is he injured? We simply will never know.

Everybody who has followed this story closely still cannot get a perfect idea on what has happened. Fultz entered Philadelphia as the number one pick, and something went wrong throughout his entire training process over his first offseason with the Sixers. He had shoulder issues, which translated into problems with his confidence. Now, the Sixers claim that he is fully healthy, while his shot trainer says otherwise.

The Fultz problems will never end. And even though nobody knows what to believe, Fultz won’t personally speak on his potential health himself, which leads us to think that maybe he isn’t playing one-hundred percent. It’s a strange sequence of events, and in the end, we are just left with our own thoughts and speculation. While Fultz is still active and playing this season, he still won’t confirm what we all want to know.

Fultz Won’t Speak Up

The Sixers traveled to Indiana on Wednesday to take on the Pacers. Fortunately, they finally achieved winning on the road for the first time this year. Fultz saw the court for 26 minutes, where he registered seven points and four assists. It was a solid night on defense as well as he tallied for four steals and two rebounds.

However, as Fultz still hasn’t activated his suspected ‘star power’ everybody wants to know if he is genuinely injured or not. As he was approached for a postgame interview, he was asked the obvious question of whether he is fully healthy or not. As expected, Fultz wouldn’t clear the air. Here we go again.

Source: Heavy Sports