Malik Henry of Last Chance U Is Back on the Field at Indy

If you have been following the story of Malik Henry since the end of Season 3 of Last Chance U, you know that the quarterback’s situation has been a bit complicated. Henry was hoping to land a Division I offer this summer, but it looks like those offers never came.

A few weeks ago, we reported Henry was back on the Independence roster for 2018, but there were also rumors that Henry would not actually play this season. As a brief warning, there are small spoilers ahead for Season 4 which will not come out until next summer. Nothing is related to the outcome of games.

Henry has now ended up taking the field again for Independence, and all signs point to the quarterback playing the rest of the season at Indy. Rumors about Henry’s future have been all over the place. Jason Brown publicly said he did not think he could make it work again with Henry then weeks later he was listed on the team roster.

Henry tweeted the above photo on September 24th showing he was officially back at Independence.

Henry Has a Chance to Show He Has Changed in Last Chance U Season 4

Henry has been vocal about his displeasure with the way he was portrayed on the hit Netflix show. Now, Henry has an opportunity to cast himself in a different light since he will have a better sense of what it is like with the cameras surrounding him.

“I think Greg Whiteley, the director, did a great job,” Henry told Vanity Fair. “I just wish we they would have shown the other side of me and Coach Brown’s relationship just a little more, because I feel like more people would have realized that he is more like an older brother, father figure type.”

The question is whether the show displayed Henry unfairly, or if Henry was frustrated by seeing his behavior on Netflix. Regardless of what happened in Season 3, Henry has to show he is a changed person if does want to make it back to a big-time college football program.

Back in August, Henry told Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock that a couple teams were recruiting him, but he declined to give specifics. Aside from the show, we have heard very little on what teams showed interest in Henry. There were reported that Ole Miss was interested, but nothing ever transpired. Greg Whiteley, one of the Last Chance U directors, disputed Henry’s assertion that he was not portrayed fairly.

“As documentary filmmakers, we take very seriously our responsibility to accurately portray the lives of all the student athletes, coaches, and teachers who agree to allow our cameras into their lives,” Whiteley explained to Variety. “For the last three seasons, we have prioritized authenticity and honesty in our storytelling, and will continue to do so in our upcoming fourth season.”

Source: Heavy Sports