Madison Keys’ Parents: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tonight, American tennis player Madison Keys will be taking on Carla Suarez Navarro at the women’s quarter-finals of the US Open. The 23-year-old is coached by David Taylor, and if she has anything to say about it, she’ll be going on to compete in the finals later this week.

Interested in learning more about Keys and her family? Read on.

1. She Has a White Mother and a Black Father

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Madison may have a white mother and black father, but she doesn’t choose to define herself that way. In a 2015 interview with the New York Times, she’s quoted by E! as saying she prefers not to be identified by her race.

“It’s something that’s always there obviously, but I’m very much right in the middle… I don’t really think of it. I don’t really identify myself as white or African-American. I’m just me. I’m Madison.”

If a movie were ever made about her life, according to The Undefeated, Madison sys she would want the actress who plays her to be Julia Roberts.

2. Her Father Played Division III Basketball

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Madison’s father played Division III All-American college basketball at Augustana.

In an interview with Vavel, Rick was asked if he prefers to “have hands on the reigns” or feels free to let his daughter’s coaches do the work and take over.

Rick responded, “I have no problem with trained professionals doing what they are trained to do. The key is to find the right people. As I said earlier the pros we were associated with up north did not have the same insight as we found at Evert Academy. You have to be smart and get a little lucky.”

Rick seems to be very level-headed when it comes to Madison’s career. He tells Vavel, “Whatever you do has to be sustainable. If you are too hard on your kids you will bully them out of the sport. It’s a long journey and it’s got to be enjoyable or the flame will fade away. Encourage, support and teach the values and ethics that every parent passes on but not through force. Patience is the key and the hard work will seem like just a necessary ingredient to reach your goals. Settle in and enjoy the process.”

3. Her Parents Are Both Attorneys

Madison’s mother is a retired attorney, and her father currently works as an attorney. He spends most of his time in Rock Island in order to keep his daughter’s dream alive.

“I have to take care of business here which was something Christine and I used to do together. Her role in Florida was mother, chauffeur, cook, support team, school etc. Mostly on her own. We both had to make sacrifices and take on significant roles to make it work,” Rick tells Vevo.

According to his LinkedIn, Rick attended the John Marshall Law School. He currently works as a partner at Keys Law Offices, where he has been for the past four years. According to his profile on his business website, Rick concentrates his practice in personal injury claims and criminal defense, including traffic cases.

4. Madison’s Father Was Raised by a Single Mother

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In his interview with Vevo, Rick explains that he was raised by a single mother who worked “tirelessly to give us a good life in a nice neighborhood.”

He goes on to say that he does his best to instill in his children the values that his mother instilled in him.

Along with Madison has two other daughters, Montana and Hunter.

5. Her Mother Retired To Move to Florida with Madison

According to a 2013 post on the USTA’s Facebook, Christine retired from her job as an attorney so she could move with Madison to Boca Raton. There, Madison has been given the opportunity to train at the Evert Academy. Prior to retiring, Christine ran her own law firm.

In 2016, Christine was featured in an article for the Quad-City Times. Discussing her daughter’s achievements and watching her play, Christine joked, “I don’t get nervous as long as I can move my foot… If you make me sit still, I get nervous, but if I can wiggle my foot or move, I’m fine.”

Source: Heavy Sports