Los Angeles Rams Have Best Super Bowl Odds through Week 8

The Los Angeles Rams just keep on rolling through the 2018 NFL season. All throughout the offseason, Los Angeles made power moves. They kept stocking up their weapons through trade and attracted free agents while not shying away from spending big-time money when it was necessary.

Everybody knew the Rams were going to be good, but nobody knew just how good. Typically, so many big-name players on one team threaten the chance of ego’s colliding, and locker rooms collapsing. Fortunately, there’s one recipe to avoid that, and the Rams figured it out. Win often, and win a lot.

We’re officially halfway through the NFL season, and the Rams haven’t been beaten. They have been tested, but haven’t been defeated. The team faced some adversity this past Sunday as they hosted the Green Bay Packers.

Clearly, the Aaron Rodgers effect will always have the Packers as a competitive football team. But the Green Bay defense didn’t make things easy for the Rams on Sunday night as they put on a strong performance to bend, but not break against the Rams. Unfortunately for Green Bay, they didn’t come away with a win. But they should feel confident after giving the Rams a run for their money.

Fighting through Adversity

The Rams were steamrolling through the opponents before Sunday, but the Packers weren’t just going to roll over and die on them. The Rams should be happy with the results coming out as a close win, rather than a blowout.

Since teams that blow out everybody tends to forget what it’s like to struggle, they ultimately tend to burn out by the time the postseason rolls around. But teams that get issued big-time challenges and come away with wins are even more prepared since they know what it’s like to fight through difficult situations.

The Rams win on Sunday made it very clear to the rest of the league that they are indeed, the real deal. Therefore, Vegas isn’t trying to play any games. The Rams are the clear favorites to win Super Bowl LIII, according to OddsShark.

What Are the Odds?

Rams Super Bowl winning odds isn’t the only gamble you can make. Since Los Angeles is the only team to remain unbeaten in the NFL, there’s an opportunity to bet whether they will go 16-0 or not. “Yes” is at +700, while “No” is favored at -1500. Vegas is believers in the Rams, but make sure to check the schedule before placing your big bucks on “No.”

The Rams’ schedule doesn’t get much easier. During their next six games, they have some tough opponents that stand out immediately. The Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints, and the Philadelphia Eagles are all teams that could give the Rams a hard time on game day.

Source: Heavy Sports