LOOK: Amari Cooper Wears Cowboys Uniform for First Time

Have the Dallas Cowboys finally found the wide receiver they have been looking for? Amari Cooper sure thinks so. Just a couple of days ago, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys front office made a blockbuster trade with the Oakland Raiders by sending a first-round pick in return for former first-round selection, Amari Cooper.

Although Cooper has regressed since his first two seasons in the NFL, the former Raiders wideout is hoping that a new system/quarterback is exactly what he needs to get back on track. It’s no secret that Cooper was struggling in Oakland. With only 22 receptions for 280 yards and one touchdown, Cooper was on pace to have his worst season yet.

The situation out in Oakland right now is ugly for any player. Nobody on that roster is safe, and Cooper is probably lucky to get out even though his former teammates aren’t happy about it. But regardless of the situation, the Cowboys are now under pressure as they sent a highly valuable asset with a questionable return.

As the Cowboys returned to the practice field on Wednesday, Cooper took the field in a Cowboys uniform for the first time, and Cowboys fans got excited as they are anxious to see their new No. 1 receiver take the field in a week.

The First Look

Unfortunately, those anxious fans will have to remain very patient, as the Cowboys are entering into their bye week and have week eight off. But the good news is that Cooper has plenty of time to get up to snuff with the Cowboys offense and playbook.

Not to mention, he has had some head issues as he is battling a concussion at the moment. The chances are high that Cooper debuts with the Cowboys next week on Monday Night Football against the Tennessee Titans. Seeing as though the Titans have been struggling in their secondary, Cooper’s first action in Dallas is quite the favorable matchup next week.

Source: Heavy Sports