Leonard Fournette Fantasy: It’s Time to Sell the RB

Injuries are very unfortunate in the NFL, especially the nagging ones. You know, hamstring issues, ankle sprains, etc. They never seem to go away. For players to fully heal from those kinds of problems, they pretty much need an entire season off. Obviously, they won’t sit the year out for that, but we’re sure that trainers would prefer that to be the case.

When it comes to fantasy football, owners would love for their players to not sit out at all. Clearly, that’s not reality. And some of these guys that fantasy owners drafted high just don’t quite reach their value because of injuries alone.

This year, one of those players is Jacksonville Jaguars running back, Leonard Fournette. In a standard league, the chances are that Fournette was drafted within the first two rounds. If you have him, then I can probably assume you are frustrated with him this season.

In a dynasty/keeper league, he’s probably been a lot more than disappointing over time. Last season, Fournette missed three games. This season, he’s only played in two out of four games, both of which he left early for hamstring issues. And as he is set to miss week five this afternoon, it looks like he may already be ruled out for week six as well.

Time to Sell

At this point, it’s time to sell Fournette. When he’s healthy, he’s a great fantasy player. But this season just isn’t his year. Through four weeks he has 20 carries for 71-yards. Players can heal, for sure. But Fournette’s injuries will most likely bother him for the rest of the year. So, if you have him in a standard league, just sell high while you can.

For those who have Fournette for the long-term in a dynasty league, it’s time to start seriously considering that as well. Don’t forget, Fournette’s most prominent issue coming out of LSU was his inability to stay healthy. He struggled to stay healthy in college, and now we are seeing the same trend in the NFL. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. Get a hold of TJ Yeldon, and get what you can for Fournette.

Source: Heavy Sports