LeBron James Suit Shorts Are Back for Game 2 Outfit

If you thought LeBron James might ditch the suit shorts look he wore in Game 1, you are mistaken. James’ suit shorts are back once again for Game 2. Here’s a look at what James wore to Oracle Arena prior to Game 2.

James rocked a grey blazer with a pocket square along with a sweater underneath. Once again, James wore shorts made of suit material with long red socks and high tops. James also had a couple accessories including sunglasses along with a blue bag. The Game 2 outfit was a little more casual than Game 1.

James wore a grey short suit in Game 1, but had the blazer buttoned with a dress shirt and tie. James was also wearing black dress boots with grey dress socks, and was carrying an alligator bag. According to The Undefeated, James’ suit was designed by New York designer Thom Browne. The Game 1 outfit complete with accessories cost an estimated $46,964.95. The bag itself cost an additional $40,000 which brings his outfit (minus the jewelry) to about $87,000. NBA commissioner Adam Silver joked he had a similar outfit.

“I’m behind a podium, so you can’t see mine,” Silver joked to The Undefeated. “You know, LeBron defines fashion. If LeBron is wearing shorts, it must be in.”

We’ll see if James and the Cavs have better luck in Game 2. If not, it might be time to ditch the shorts.

Source: Heavy Sports