LeBron James Hand Injury: How Did He Hurt It?

LeBron James wore a black hand wrap to his post-game press conference after Game 4, just minutes after news broke that James severely injured his hand while punching a white board after Game 1. James admitted to “essentially playing with a broken hand” for the rest of the series. James said his emotions boiled over after missed calls and the way the team ended the game.

Here’s how Sports Illustrated described the injury.

James reportedly was in a soft cast and underwent two MRIs on his hand.

Windhorst said that James had not been practicing. During press conferences, James hid the injury from the media by tucking his arm in.

Windhorst added that the swelling on James’ hand was “so bad after Game 1 that the imaging that they took couldn’t even determine if it was a break.”

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported he kept the injury quiet to prevent the Warriors from taking advantage of it.

“LeBron James suffered a significant right hand injury after Game 1 when he punched a black board in the locker room, sources told me & @mcten. He had 2 MRIs & has been wearing a soft cast. LeBron not using injury as an excuse but kept quiet to prevent Warriors from knowing,” Windhorst tweeted.

Source: Heavy Sports