LeBron Contract 2018: How Much Is Salary With Lakers?

LeBron James has agreed to to sign a four year, $154 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers per Klutch Sports. James has agreed to join the Lakers, but cannot sign the contract until July 6 at the earliest. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported James will have a player option for his fourth year, meaning he can opt out of his contract after the third season.

The exact terms of the contract has not been disclosed, but James is expected to have a max salary each year. Here’s James’ projected salary numbers according to Hoops Rumors max projections.

2018-19 $35,350,000
2019-20 $37,117,500
2020-21 $38,885,000
2021-22 (player option) $40,652,500

According to Spotrac, James made $33.2 million with the Cavaliers last season. James will start out with a more than $2 million raise. The big thing to note is James agreeing to sign a long-term deal with the Lakers for at least three years, with the potential for a fourth year. This gives the Lakers time to build a roster around James without the pressure of worrying if James is eyeing green pastures.

Source: Heavy Sports