Kevin Love’s Hair Cut: The Best Memes, Jokes & GIFs

Kevin Love had bigger things to worry about in Game 2 of the NBA Finals: Steph Curry. However, a lot of fans couldn’t help but wondering: What the heck happened to Kevin Love’s hair?

Love is usually no slouch in the looks department. After all, the Banana Republic clothing company even hired him to appear in advertisements, making him the first athlete to do so. He’s got an extremely hot girlfriend, Kate Bock, who’s modeled swimsuits in Sports Illustrated. He earns millions of dollars a year. With all of that going on, some fans can’t figure out why Kevin Love let somebody do that to his hair. Do what? Check out the photos for yourself:

For comparison purposes, here’s how Kevin Love’s hair looked before:

Here’s how it looked after:

The jokes flew.

You knew LeBron was going to make another appearance.

Here are some more of the best reactions. People are dying to know who cut Kevin Love’s hair (the person’s identity has not been revealed, which is probably a good thing for that person.)

Some People Were Still Picking on Poor J.R. Smith

Once a gaffe, always a joke.

Peaky Blinders Audition?

Maybe Kevin Love has a career option after basketball. Judge for yourself:

“We really need to find out who the hell cut Kevin Love’s hair,” a fan insisted.

Might Have Been the ‘Mangroomer’

Or this:

You never know.

Dad Hair Cut or Toddler With Scissors?

One Twitter user thought Kevin Love’s haircut was of the “my dad cut it” variety.

Laughing GIFs led the way. And just confused ones.

“As a bald guy, I often wonder why someone with great hair like Kevin Love would choose that haircut. Smh,” wrote one confused hairless fan.

“JR smith cut Kevin Love’s hair,” joked one fan.

“Kevin Love got the robin thicke hair cut out there,” explained another.

Is This Who Cut Kevin Love’s Hair?

At Least He Trimmed the Beard

That seemed to be SB Nation’s position anyway.

Quite the retrospective here:

“But can we suspend whoever cut Kevin Love’s hair? Like take his license away,” inquired a fan.

Straight Out of Jail?

Or something else.

Navy Man & Refund Needed

A Plastic Spork & a Burner Accounts

Other responses included these comments:

“Kevin Love’s hair has a burner account.”

“Nah man who cut up Kevin Love hair.”

“Kevin Love lookin like he cut his own hair #NBAFinals18.”

“Kevin love cut his hair with a plastic spork.”

“Kevin love got his generic hair cut at super cuts or great clips.”

“Kevin Love makes me feel good about the fact that my hair is turning gray.”

“Kevin Love’s $20 Sports Clips fade and Kevin Durant’s sorry excuse for facial hair reminds me of every trailer park juvenile that’s always in trouble for underage drinking and hanging out with kids way younger than him.”

Here’s a view from the front:

“I give Kevin Love credit for cutting his own hair. Because that’s the only logical explanation.”

Kevin’s hair was right up there with LeBron’s shorts. “Between Kevin Love’s hair, Lebron’s shorts, Jordan Clarkson’s shot selection and JR’s decision making, I’d say the Cavs wish they’d lost game 7 to Boston. They have been humiliated in this series already and game 2 isn’t even over. #Cavs,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

Source: Heavy Sports