Kawhi Leonard Memes: The Best Funny Images After Trade

News of Kawhi Leonard’s trade to the Raptors broke in the middle of the night, but hoops fans have wasted no time coming up with funny memes. Leonard was traded to the Raptors after a falling out with the Spurs organization. Leonard wanted to be traded to the Lakers, but the Spurs took the best trade on the table which happened to be Toronto.

Let’s take a look at the funniest memes after the Spurs-Raptors trade.

Will Kawhi Stay in Toronto?

Prior to the trade, Leonard’s camp was adamant that he wanted to play for the Lakers. Some fans think Leonard’s fit on the Raptors could be a disaster. Leonard has one more year left on his contract before he can opt out. The Raptors are hoping they can convince Leonard to commit long-term to Toronto, but risk giving up a lot for a one-year rental.

Kawhi in a Raptors Jersey

While it’s not a humorous photo, TNT provided a look at Leonard in a Raptors uniform. It is going to take some getting used to given how long Leonard played in San Antonio.

Some Fans Doubt Kawhi’s Long-Term Health

Leonard missed the majority of last season as he recovered from a hip injury. There is skepticism as to whether Leonard will return to his All-Star form. Given what the Raptors gave up to get Leonard, Toronto is banking on him being the player we were used to seeing prior to the injury.

Coach Pop Got His Revenge

When news broke that Leonard wanted to play for the Lakers, there was skepticism as to how willing Gregg Popovich would be to trade Leonard to his preferred destination. Instead, the Spurs ended up trading Leonard out of the country. While Toronto is one of the premier cities to live in the world, it is a long way from Leonard’s preference of Los Angeles. Here’s another funny meme involving Popovich.

There Is Plenty of Drake Chatter

Drake is the Raptors No. 1 fan, and works for the team. It is no surprise there are plenty of Drake memes after the trade. We will see if Drake can help Leonard warm up to his his new home. Here’s a look at some of the top Drake memes.

Source: Heavy Sports